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Tool Storage

Organizing tools is easy with our tool storage collections

You need reliable tool storage if you want your tools to last, and Kmart has a solution for every need. From large chests and jobsite storage to smaller carriers and organizers, you'll find plenty of options to store, carry, and sort your tool collection. Whether you're working on the jobsite or completing a weekend project around the house, you can find the perfect tool storage solution.

 If you have specialized tools like a bench grinder, be sure to get a chest that can organize all the smaller pieces, replacement parts and bench grinder accessories. Bottom rollaway chests are the perfect way to move large amounts of tools around a workspace. You can purchase top chests separately to expand the storage even more, or buy a tool chest combo to make sure the top and bottom match perfectly. Easy-glide drawers range in size so they can fit hand tools, tool batteries or organize nails and small parts. Most tool chests have an outside lock and key to protect the contents.

Larger storage chests can hold a lot of tools, but when you're moving around, you need to keep the most important ones handy. Belts wrap around your waist or can hang off of suspenders and offer pockets for hammers, wrenches and nails. If you only need to keep one or two tools handy, try a single pouch or hammer and drill holders that clip on to belts. Totes are bigger, but still keep items at hand with an easily accessible open design. If you want something a little more protective, go with a toolbox that has a latching lid. Many include a built-in lock to keep tools safe, as well as extra features like removable trays and the ability to stack with other chests. While they are much smaller than rollaway chests, boxes can still hold several smaller tools and accessories for all types of jobs.

Don't forget extra accessories that can help tidy up your home or professional work area. Drawer dividers make sorting out nuts and bolts a breeze and can be configured to your liking. Attachable rollaway cart shelves give you an extra work area, and parts storage racks and bins can be placed on the floor or mounted on walls to save space. Small parts can easily be lost during your projects, so consider items like socket trays and magnetic liners to keep tools in their place.

Easy to use tool storage helps to get the job done quicker with less frustration. Kmart has all the large, medium and small containers you'll need with additional organizational items for your toolboxes and work space. Shop tool storage options at amazing prices and great brands that will keep every handyman happy.