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Whether it's fixing a broken chair, putting a new desk together or just hanging a painting, you need a few tools to keep your home in great shape. A basic tool set doesn't always get the job done, though. Maybe you work with tiny parts or wires and need a unique tool to manipulate them; maybe your hobby requires a specialty tool set to cut, sand, grind or sharpen something; or maybe you just need a hard-to-find drill bit. These specialty tool kits from Kmart, combined with a good home owner tool set, should ensure that you're never left searching for a makeshift tool.

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Keep your home in tip-top shape with specialty tool sets from Kmart

If you have a unique situation requiring a specialty tool, you might have trouble finding exactly what you need. Browse through specialty tool sets at Kmart to find the right tool for the job. Whether you're repairing electronics, gardening or making arts and crafts, you can find utensils here that can help make your efforts easier and more effective. Check out a piece and hook pick, a jeweler's tool set or a rotary tool set to get that job finished right.

Not many people know what a piece and hook pick is; they are long, slender spikes with a comfortable handle meant to help you work in hard-to-reach areas. Use them to remove small fasteners, remove O rings, separate small wires and even make small holes in certain materials. You can even use them as a kitchen tool to untie a difficult knot in your apron or to reach something you dropped behind the stove. Different types of hook picks will have slight variations in the shape of the end. There are straight hooks, full hooks, small angle hooks and full hooks, although some sets will provide even more variations to suit different situations.

If you have cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling, sharpening or polishing to do, you should check out a rotary tool set with different drill bits. The right drill bit will also allow you to sharped dull blades, including saws and flatware. Stalwart offers a cordless rotary tool that gives you the functionality of a drill with the added convenience of not having to dig out an extension cord. If you already own a drill, however, you might just need a collection of drill bits.

If you're an avid gardener, you can get a garden tool set suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. This is an easy way to supply yourself with a trimmer, spade, trowel and pruner to help keep your garden looking its best. The unique auto tool kit from Stalwart contains a seat-belt cutter, window punch, door lock de-icer and flashlight, making it a handy item to have in any car. Another auto item that you might need is a ratcheting tie down, which allows you to secure storage items to your car. These items are a little different than what you find in a standard auto body tool set and can really come in handy in a pinch.

If you need a unique tool to do something special, whether it's working with small parts or sanding a new piece of furniture, you'll find what you need at Kmart. We work hard to stock only the most effective and durable specialty tool sets we can find, so you'll be satisfied with your purchase for years to come.


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