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You don't have to be a carpenter or mechanic to be a handy man. After all, no matter what your profession, your home is bound to need repairs now and then. Whether it's hanging a painting, fixing a broken chair or even building a doghouse, you need the tools to get the job done. While a more complicated job might require the use of a specialty tool set, the home owner tool sets on this page contain all the basics you need to make the majority of repairs needed around the house. Arm yourself against loose screws and other malfunctions with home tool sets from Kmart.

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Fix your house with a home owner tool set from Kmart

Home owner tool sets are like a first-aid kit for your home for tightening loose screws, fixing broken desk drawers and even assembling a new bookshelf. You can't get these jobs done without the proper tools. Of course you could go to a hardware store and buy all the wrenches, drill bits, hammers and screwdrivers you need individually, but then you'll have a collection of mismatched tools. You're better off investing in a high-quality tool set that contains everything you need in one easy-to-carry container.

If you're just doing the basics repairs around your home, you can afford to purchase a smaller tool kit, such as a 23-piece set from Craftsman or a 29-piece set from Stalwart. Making repairs can sometimes get a little dirty, so keep an extra dish towel handy for wiping up any grease or oil that might get on the floor. One of the benefits of a bare-bones tool kit is that it will come in a compact case that you can easily store in a small closet.

If you think you might want a more extensive tool kit, it's time to start looking at the individual tools inside. You want to make sure your tool kit has all the basics. A hammer is an essential for hammering and removing nails, a necessity if you plan on building anything with wood like a tree house, mailbox or even a new kitchen shelf to store your tableware accessories. Screwdrivers are one of the most widely used tools, so you'll want to make sure your tool kit has all the sizes and shapes you need. You should also keep a tape measure around, which comes in handy anytime you're cutting wood or moving in furniture.

Consider any additional tools you might need. Pliers can be helpful anytime you're working with small, hard-to-grasp materials. Wrenches come in handy; consider whether you want a whole set of different wrench sizes, or if one adjustable wrench will do. A drill with variously sized drill bits will enable you to put holes in the walls to hang pictures, coat racks and other decorations. Finally consider whether you need any more specific equipment, such as kitchen tools or tools for your car or garden. Making a list of everything you need can help avoid duplicate purchases and ensure you have all the tools you need to take great care of your home.

The better you take care of your home the better it will take care of you. Don't let small malfunctions turn into large repair jobs; fix those little errors today with a mechanic's tool set from Kmart. We offer a wide selection from the top brands available to make sure you get exactly what you need.


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