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      Upgrade your sink and faucet with kitchen tools from Kmart

      Your sink is the heart of your kitchen. Whether you're washing your hands, rinsing vegetables or cleaning off a plate, the sink is where you go to prepare food before you cook and clean up after you're done. A high-quality sink made of durable material will give you years of use while looking great in your kitchen. Find all the kitchen sink equipment you need at Kmart, such as sink bowls, faucets, sink sprays, aerators and strainers. Whether you're installing a brand-new kitchen sink or upgrading an existing one, you'll find all the kitchen tools you need.

      The biggest investment you'll make in your sink is the bowl itself. Make sure to measure your sink area using a tape measure from your home tool set so that your new sink fits; keep in mind you might want to go with a bigger sink to leave more room for large pots and pans. Take a look at the different colors and finishes to find one that best fits your kitchen's appearance, and decide if you want one large bowl or two small bowls. Certain brands, like Blanco, craft some of their sinks out of stain- and odor-resistant materials. Others, like The Great Indoors, use sound-deadening pads to soften the noise.

      Kmart has a huge selection of kitchen faucets, so take time to look through all the options. Choose between one- and two-handle operation to control the water flow and temperature. Think about how a different color finish would look in your kitchen. Stainless steel is a classic choice, although a bronze or chrome faucet might better accent your appliances, kitchen linens and tableware. A tall faucet may cost more, but will give you more room to work with in your sink. Some come with a separate sink spray, while others feature pull-down or pull-out design that gives you a regular faucet and spray in one.

      Once you've made the big decisions, it's time upgrade your sink with sink and faucet accessories. You might want to install a water filter, touch-free automatic sensor or a swivel aerator. You might need a tool set to install some of these accessories. You can also choose from a variety of sink baskets to catch food particles and prevent clogs and buildup in your drains. This will help ensure that your sink drains easily.

      Take time to make sure that your new sink has all the functionality you need. Don't underestimate how much easier cleaning dishes can be with a pull-down faucet, though. At Kmart, we offer a huge selection of sinks, faucets and accessories, so you can find everything you need at a low price. Start looking today for your sink of tomorrow.

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