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      Shop for Shelving Racks and Storage Products at Kmart

      Organize all of your home products quickly and conveniently using shelving racks and storage systems. Kmart carries a variety of utility shelves and storage units that hold everything from tools to laundry. Use an Edsal heavy-duty storage shelf in the garage to store and organize your power tools and accessories. Ultra Cap shelving units provide the extra space you need to reduce clutter in the laundry room. From Edsal to Craftsman, find the storage units that offer the amount of area you require for your products.

      Store and organize your gardening clothing on your new storage unit. Use one shelf for your Sloggers premium gardening shoes that protect your feet from mud and water. Womanswork gloves protect your hands from thorn bushes, while the ventilation panels wick moisture away from your skin. With your shelving rack, you can dedicate one shelf for your set of Westchester latex gloves.

      When you lack space in the refrigerator, organize your leftovers in handy kitchen and food storage containers. Rubbermaid easy-find lids come in a set of 40 and include all of the containers you need for individual meals or large amounts of leftovers. If you enjoy pickling or canning, then use Ball mason jars for all of your pickles, jams and jellies. Afterward, store the items on a dedicated shelf of your new storage unit. Choose from smaller two-pack storage plates for enjoying meals on the go, or select a large set of Pyrex 14-piece canisters to store your food.

      Portable tool storage such as Trademark Tools steel boxes and stackable mobile boxes with wheels are available. Use the Craftsman three-drawer portable chest to store your drill bits, wrenches and other small tools. With the Black & Decker 13-inch deep Pro Organizer, you can organize all of your bits, bolts and nuts and store the organizer on shelving racks in your garage. Choosing a Trademark Tools storage box with wheels allows you to transport all of your tools quickly and easily from the truck to the garage.

      Shelving racks provide quick and efficient storage for organizing all of the tools, clothing and other items you may have. Shop Kmart for a collection of affordable racks, tools and more online or at the store.

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