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      Air Compressors & Air Tools

      Air tools speed up time for professionals and do-it-yourselfers

      There’s no question that getting a little extra power out of your tools can make any task a lot easier. Air tools are a great way to get the job done quickly, accurately and without fatigue. Powered by air compressors, air tools tackle jobs from heavy-duty homebuilding to delicate DIY projects.

      When it comes to fastening materials, you’ll find a huge selection of air tools to help you with the task. You won't need to drag out a generator when you're building that backyard shed. Just connect nailers, air drills and air staplers to an air compressor to get plenty of power for any project. Air staplers are great for affixing upholstery, carpet, wiring, roofing and other materials to various surfaces.  Air drills allow you to set screws with speed and accuracy, especially when using a screwdriver would be tedious. Nailers are fast and convenient for driving nails in a fraction of the time it would take to use a hammer.

      Kmart also carries air tools that will help you loosen and tighten bolts in various situations. Air ratchets are primarily best for loosening and tightening smaller nuts and bolts because they offer extra speed. For larger nuts and bolts on things like heavy machinery and farm equipment, consider using impact wrenches, which are designed to have a lot of torque. You can also find air-powered cutting tools that will help you cut various materials such as wood, metal and sheetrock.

      Of course, your air compressor is a tool itself as well. Fire it up to fill your tires or get your children's bikes prepped for a long ride. You can use it to clear away sawdust in your workshop or clean your car or house when you need something more delicate than your power washer.

      When you shop at Kmart, you’ll find the best variety of air tools that provide both power and convenience. And with our prices, you'll be able to keep building your collection for years to come.