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      Stuffed Animals & Toys

      Few kids can resist cuddly stuffed animals and dolls, especially when they are characters the kids already know and love. Check out our collection of stuffed toys at Kmart, all of which make the perfect gifts for young girls and boys. We have favorite characters like Winnie the Pooh, the Muppets from Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank Engine, Hello Kitty and Disney favorites like Mickey Mouse. Pillow Pets have been wildly popular in recent years, and we have them in dozens of animals and characters. Don't forget about classic cuddly stuffed animals, too!

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      Stuffed toys are great for children and adults

      For generations, children have been using their imagination to play with stuffed toys. Stuffed toys and stuffed animals are inexpensive gifts that children will love for a long time, whether they make their stuffed friend talk and interact with other stuffed animals or just simply snuggle it at night. The simple, inexpensive stuffed toy isn't just the perfect way gift for babies; children and adults of all ages adore something soft and cuddly. At Kmart, you'll find a variety of classic, interactive and character-based stuffed toys that children love. Collectors or adults with soft spots for furry creatures will fall in love with the selection and variety we offer. Choose from hundreds of stuffed toys that come in all different shapes and sizes appropriate for the young and the young at heart.

      Your little one will love a classic stuffed toy they can cuddle and play around with, but children also love interactive stuff toys that will keep them entertained for hours. Your son or daughter will laugh right alongside the Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo, which will tell jokes, laugh up a storm and roll on the floor. Children love to use stuffed animals or soft baby dolls to play house. Little boys will play with toy tools while little girls will rock and feed their baby. The My First Kenmore pretend kitchen set will give your child an authentic-feeling house playing experience.

      Young boys and girls love the appeal of their favorite characters from movies, TV shows and games in stuffed form. Kmart offers a selection of Disney stuffed toys, including the Monsters Inc. Huggable Boo Plush Doll, young Nala from "The Lion King," Nemo from "Finding Nemo," Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Bambi and Thumper from the movie "Bambi" and characters from Winnie the Pooh. We also have characters from Sesame Street, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and more. Adults will love the novelty characters from games and shows they watched and played as a kid. Pick up a Nintendo Mario, Luigi or Koopa for your friend who loves old-school gaming, or a Smurf character for your friend who collects memorabilia.

      For Star Wars lovers, Kmart has several novelty toys from the popular movies that have transcended generations. Underground Toys makes a Star Wars talking plush collection. We also have plush stormtrooper masks for your young boy who wants to get in on the fun but may hurt himself on a plastic stormtrooper mask. Other novelty items for both children and adults include character backpacks made by Comic Images, including Chewbacca, Yoda, Wicket and Spiderman. For young children, Cudlee Pet makes a variety of plush animal backpacks.

      Stuffed toys are a timeless classic, from plushies for babies to beloved characters for adults. Let Kmart help you find that perfect toy for your child, your friend or even yourself.

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