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  Slip Pin Drapery Hook Point Top

Kmart  Item#  070W034714511512 | Model#  470-2303-00

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Hang your drapes with these point top hooks. 14 each per package

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Product Overview:
Type: Specialty
Hardware Color Family: Silver
Materials & Finishes:
Hardware Material: Stainless steel
Hardware Finish: Specialty

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Specifications & Dimensions

Product Overview:
Type: Specialty
Hardware Color Family: Silver
Materials & Finishes:
Hardware Material: Stainless steel
Hardware Finish: Specialty


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Product Description

Hang your drapes with these point top hooks. 14 each per package

Drapery hooks can be used for hanging both heavy and light drapes and curtains for windows. The hooks consist of a rounded hook that doubles back on one end with a sharp straight pin.Tips on how to use drapery hooks: Find the edge of the curtain or drapery that has the folded seam on it, the cuff of which should be 3 inches to 4 inches tall. The folded portion will be the part of the curtain or drape that the drapery hooks will be inserted into, and will end up facing the wall so that the hooks won't be visible in the room.Place the curtain or drape on a flat surface, seam facing up. Holding the rounded hook of your drapery hook in your hand, place the straight pin against the curtain fabric beneath the seam. Using the sharp point of the drapery hook, pierce the seam and slide the straight pin completely into the cuff; this should leave you with the rounded hook coming out of the bottom of the seam and then curving upward toward the top of the curtain before curving down again.Repeat the process of inserting your drapery hooks into the folded cuff of the curtain, placing the hooks several inches apart until you have hooks along the entire folded edge of your curtain. You may now hang the curtain, placing the hooks over your curtain rod letting them bear the weight of the fabric below.Low Monthly Payment. Click here to see what your monthly payment would be with your Sears card.

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Added on June 05, 2013


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