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frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  • Look for products that have the "Store Pickup" option.
  • Enter your ZIP on the Product Details Page to check availability.
  • Choose a local store that has the item in stock.
  • Check out and we'll send you an email when it's ready for pick up.
  • The first email you receive will be an order confirmation email to let you know we received your order and your local store is working you order.
  • The second email you will receive is your "Ready for Pickup" email. This email confirms your order is ready for pickup at the store you selected.
  • Bring the Ready for Pickup email and credit card you used for the purchase to the area of the store indicated on your email.
  • Sears Associate will bring your item out to you.

Orders placed after store closing will receive the Ready for Pickup email the following business day once the item is ready for pickup.

How do I know that an item is available for pick up?

You can check availability from the Product page or Shopping Cart by entering your ZIP, then you'll see the item's availability at stores in your area.

Items will either be in stock pending email confirmation or due in store within a few days.

Items that are due in-store are generally not stocked at the store or are currently out of stock. The additional time allows for shipping from our warehouse.

Is every item eligible for pick up?

No, some items are only available for shipping or delivery.

When do I go to the store?

Items that are in stock usually can be picked up either the same day or the next day, depending if your order was placed during store hours.

Wait to receive your "Ready for Pick Up" email before you go to the store. The email is usually sent within 2 hours if your order is placed during store hours.

Can I change my mind and have the item shipped?

Before you place your order, you can select shipping/delivery (method depends on the type of item). Once an order is placed for Store Pickup, you'll need to go to the store to pick it up.

Can someone else pick up my order?

Yes, you can send someone else to pick up your order, but there are a few extra steps you'll need to take to verify your identity. This is for your protection and it will only take a few minutes.

During the checkout process, be sure to check the "someone else will pick up my order" box. You'll need to supply the name and email of the person who will be picking up your order. We'll send them an email message, which they need to bring with them the store as identification.

What are the store hours?

Store hours vary. Once you select a store with our Store Locator, click on see details for the store hours. Store hours will also appear your Order Summary and "Ready for Pick Up" email.

NOTE: The Store Locator will find stores in your area. You still need to enter a ZIP under the "Store Pickup" option to see if an item is in stock at that location.

What do I bring with me to the store?

Bring your Ready for Pick Up email and the credit card you used for the purchase.

Where do I go and what do I do?

  • For most orders, visit the Online Pickup Area which is usually located at any open register or service desk.
  • For Fine Jewelry orders, go to the sales counter in the Fine Jewelry department. Present the purchasing credit card and the "Ready for Pickup" email to the Associate.

Will my car or truck be big enough for the item?

Always check the dimensions of the item you're purchasing.

If you don't think an item will fit in your vehicle, you may need a large-bed pickup truck.

How do I cancel or return my purchase?

To cancel an order placed for pick up, contact our customer service at 1-800-349-4358 or the store you selected for pick up.

You may process your return at a Kmart store. See our Return Policy.

What if I have a Sears order that I am picking up at a Kmart?

For Sears orders being picked up at a Kmart location, please wait for your confirmation email. Once received, go to the customer service counter at your Kmart store.