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Finding the right bra Finding the right shapewear

Finding the Right Bra

Bra Size Calculator

Find your current bra size by following these 3 simple steps.
Need a tape measure?
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Determine your band size
While wearing a standard bra, wrap a tape measure around your torso and just under your breasts or bra line. Hold it taut and record the measurement.
Determine your cup size
While wearing a bra with little to no padding, wrap a tape measure around your torso and over your breasts. Hold it naturally and record the measurement.
Calculate your bra size
Enter your band and cup measurements to determine your bra Size.
Band Size:in.
Cup Size:in.
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Fit Fundamentals

Bra fit specialist Tracy Kain demonstrates how to find a proper fitting bra. Watch now!

Top Tips for Scoring the Perfect Bra

Gotta love the band
Your bra band should rest comfortably on your back and should be in line with the front of your bra. If it travels too high or low, it will not provide the necessary support. If you feel the band is too tight, choose a bigger size. If the band is too loose, choose a smaller size and consider increasing your cup size as well.
Watch those wires!
Bra wires should sit reasonably flat against your chest and support each breast comfortably. If you feel them poking or digging into your skin, this is an indication the cup size you have chosen is too small. We suggest going up to the next larger size.
Keep it in the cup
You can be confident you have the right size bra when your breasts fit securely, and comfortably, in its cups. If the area above and/or to the side of each cup gaps or bulges, try the next size up.
Strap in!
Bra straps should fit securely but never feel tight or uncomfortable. If you notice red marks or indentations on your skin after removing your bra, this is an indication your straps are too tight. If loosening the straps makes the rest of your bra seem too big, you may need a smaller band size.

Hand washing is recommended, but bras may be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle of your washing machine. Line dry only.