The snow is melting, and spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, the sunlight's getting stronger, trees are starting to bud and birds are flying back into town. Express your excitement for this changing season with spring wreaths, Easter decorations and other spring decorating ideas from Kmart. Get in the mood for outdoor activities again by filling your home with brightly colored platters, charms, planters and more. Summer is on its way, but in the meantime you can celebrate the budding plants and bird sounds with some of the beautiful spring decorations on this page.

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      Embrace the change of season with spring decorations from Kmart

      By the time spring rolls around, you might be tired of sleet, snow and cold weather. Most of us welcome the arrival of warmer weather with open arms, eager to put away our scarves, long underwear and wool coats. Celebrate the arrival of spring with some of the great spring decorations we have here at Kmart. Everyone decorates for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but many people miss the opportunity to deck their home in festive spring items. Giving your home a light, airy spring look is a great way to move on from the dark, cold days of winter.

      When you think of decorative wreaths, you probably think of Christmas. After all, Christmas wreaths made from pine tree branches are a classic holiday decoration. Did you know that there are also spring wreaths? You can find a variety of spring-themed wreaths that feature brightly colored flowers to celebrate the return of life here at Kmart. Spring wreaths make great Easter supplies and come in a variety of color schemes, from moss green to pastel lavender to bright sunflower. They bring a refreshing break from the darker colors of winter decorations.

      Spring charms can be a great accessory to remind you or a loved one that warmer weather is on the way. You could give a butterfly charm key ring to a friend, a "Mom" charm bracelet to your mother or a baby boy charm bracelet to a toddler as part of their Easter basket. These charms from Gloria Duchin feature classic spring butterflies, those beautiful symbols of new life and youth.

      Don't forget spring items that can help add a little seasonal flair to your dinner table. A brightly colored wildflower platter or appetizer plate from Trade Associates is a great way to add a burst of color your tableware, while a spring-themed tea light set will give you a decorative way to have a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Another unique way to spruce up your table is through a set of terracotta glazed planters. You could fill them with sunflowers or other colorful plants and place them on the table, counter or anywhere that gets a little sun to add a little spring cheer to your kitchen.

      Spring is more than just the time between winter and summer; it's a lovely season in its own right, and by decorating for it you can make the season even better. Spring is the season of new life outside, but a colorful spring platter, runner or wreath can help bring that wonder feeling inside your home. Shop for spring decorations today at Kmart, where we offer a great selection at refreshing prices.

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