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Bring autumn's rich colors indoor with fall decor

The beauty of autumn is visible in the bright reds, greens and yellows on all of the trees. Fall is known as a time for changes. Change up the decorations in your home and bring that beauty indoors with some fall decor. Start by hanging a beautiful harvest wreath on your door to welcome all of your guests. Wreaths can be decorated with pumpkins, leaves, corn, pinecones and acorns. Light fall-themed candles or set out decorate vases filled with potpourri to bring fall scents inside. Consider scents such as pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple or fall leaves.

Create a complete look in your home by choosing the perfect autumn decorations. Pick from miniature pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves, sunflowers, gourds and owls. Choose one of these to be your main decor symbol and accent it with symbols of fall. Baskets of leaves, pinecones and acorns can make beautiful centerpieces during this time of year. Hang friendly scarecrows in hallways or your entryway. Add miniature pumpkins to your shelves and fall colors to any accent pieces in your home.

Don't forget to decorate for fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Simply adding a few spooky touches of Halloween decor to your overall autumn look will take your decor from autumn to undead. Throw a fun costume on that fall scarecrow and sprinkle a few spider webs around your fall flower arrangements to transform your look from fall to Halloween. Once the holiday is over, you don't need to redecorate; pull off the spooky additions and you're back to classic fall. Of course, if you love the challenge of specially decorating your house for each new holiday, a pile of props will help you create a fall utopia or a Halloween haunt.

Once Thanksgiving rolls around, utilize the same color scheme and incorporate a few Thanksgiving pieces. Turkey decorations can make wonderful centerpieces. If you're planning to have a more elegant party, stick with fall leaves and metal pumpkins. If you'd prefer not to have a theme, just choose tablecloths, napkins, candles, vases and accent pillows in reds, golds, greens and yellows to bring a more subtle touch of fall indoors. Use wheat bundles or gourd clusters to evoke the feel of harvest while steering well clear of cartoon turkeys and pilgrims hats. The similar, rich color scheme will create a clear fall signal without overdoing it.

At Kmart, we have everything you need to make your home beautiful for fall. When it's time to pull out that boys Halloween costume or turkey baster, you don't have to redo your whole home. The right fall decorations will help your house look lovely, while a few specialty pieces can adapt your look as the holidays progress. Whatever decor you're looking for, trust Kmart to have the pieces you need at a price you'll love.