Womens Halloween Costumes

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      Reinvent yourself for the night with women's Halloween costumes

      It's an exhilarating feeling when you get into character while donning a Halloween costume. Whether you're frolicking around the party as a fairy or creeping up on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters in a witch's cloak, Halloween costumes for women run the gamut from scary to sexy. With the vast selection of costumes from Kmart, you're sure to find the right ensemble for a terrifying or sassy women's Halloween costume.

      Scary Halloween costumes offer a fun way to take on a completely different character than your normal self. Women who love dark, gothic figures can transform into evil sorceresses, vampires, fallen angels or wicked witches. Of course, frightening costumes demand grotesque accessories, so make sure you add creepy masks, fake blood or realistic makeup to your costume for a bone-chilling effect. If you're throwing the big Halloween party and want to step up your game, decorate your home with specialty Halloween decor that can turn your house into a haunted mansion or mad scientist's laboratory.

      Of course, many ladies eschew the creepy-crawly costumes for a chance to look sexy or mischievous instead of horrifying. Look for costumes with a womanly twist on the old favorites, from school girls and fairytale characters to teachers and police officers. You can even piece together a costume and accessories for your favorite Marvel comic character so you can match your boyfriend's or husband's Halloween costume for men.

      When you've got little ones running around, you may want to stick with traditional and kid-friendly outfits. From decorating the house with harvest decor or cartoon-themed items to wearing a costume that makes them smile, you can easily give your kids a pleasant and scare-free holiday. Emulate one of your favorite movie, comic or TV characters to take on, whether you want an adorable or sassy costume. Revisit your childhood with Disney princess costumes and transform yourself into Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel, or show your strength as a woman with a powerful Maleficent costume. The options are endless, and your kids will love dressing up with you.

      Make this Halloween a holiday to remember with a stylish costume that makes you look and feel spectacular. Whether you opt for terrifying, sexy or hilarious, you're sure to find a costume that fits your personality and style at Kmart.

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