Infants & Toddlers Halloween Costumes

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      Find adorable options with infant and toddler Halloween costumes

      It's time for one of your child's early Halloweens. At Kmart, we have a huge selection of infant and toddler Halloween costumes for your baby up until they are 4 or 5 years old. Dress your baby up as the princess she is, or let them explore their wild side as a baby animal. If you'd rather be more in with the spirit of the holiday, dress your child in a small scary witch or vampire costume. Hey, even Dracula was a baby once.

      Your child can save the day in a superhero costume that he can use to play dress up later. We carry infant-sized Superman, Spiderman and Batman costumes. For adorable family pictures, mom and dad can dress up as a sidekick or villain, making baby look the hero. Of course, coordinated costumes can also be a great way to make sure no one gets lost as they toddle around during Trick or Treating.

      Looking for something sweet instead of scary? Lamb, duckling, lion and puppy costumes are popular choices for your baby's first Halloween. You can also choose more exotic animals such as penguins, monkeys, elephants or tigers. For your toddler, fairies or witches might be appropriate. He or she may also want to dress up as his or her favorite TV show or movie character. If your child is a little older, you might need to browse in the girl's or boy's Halloween costume section.

      When your family is out trick-or-treating in their costumes, it's important to keep their safety in mind. Toddler and infant costumes especially must be carefully inspected for any dangerous items that could have come loose, such as strings or buttons, before you go out. Add a little reflective tape to dark-colored costumes, especially near the bottom and on the back. For infants and toddlers, face paint may work better than a mask since children often get annoyed with masks and pull them off.

      Once you've dressed your youngest, don't forget to pick out costumes for the rest of your family. We have a large selection of costumes for mom, dad and siblings. Browse our most popular Halloween costumes for girls such as fairies, witches and vampires. Our costumes for boy's range from frightening zombies to silly bananas. Our men's Halloween costumes are similar to those offered for boys, but we have even scarier choices. Choose a theme for the entire family or let everyone pick out their own this year. You can also pick up costume accessories like weapons and fake blood. If someone can't find the perfect costume, he might be able to be creative and make one from these accessories, wigs, face paint and old clothes.

      Keep safe and look great this Halloween. With such a large selection of costumes for all ages and sizes, you're sure to find one you love for every member of your family. Browse for costumes for the little infants and toddlers in your family here.

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