Harvest Decor

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      Embrace the fall season with harvest decor

      As red, orange and yellow leaves start to flutter from the trees, it's time to bring autumn cheer to your home. Fall and harvest decor can set the seasonal mood inside and outside your house. Add a touch of autumn to every room in your house and accentuate the natural beauty outside with classic and modern decorations.

      Before the kids start running around in their girls' and boys' Halloween costumes, beautify your home with harvest decor. Start with a couple of autumn wreaths and garland to create a warm feeling throughout your home. Hang a single wreath on your front door or hang a few of them throughout your home with different designs to match the decorative style in each room. From simple straw wreaths to garland made entirely of brightly-colored leaves, you can find elegant options regardless of your personal style. Decorative accents like dried corn, pinecones, small pumpkins and acorns make beautiful fall wreaths that reflect the bounty of the season.

      Use plastic pumpkins, acorns and leaves in baskets for centerpieces or as stand-alone accents on shelves, ledges and side tables. Surround them with candles in muted colors for a warm glow inside your home. Look for other unique decorative pieces that will make your home cozy and welcoming. If you love the scents of fall, consider candles that smell like spices, pumpkin or apples for a delicious living space. Once you're set for the fall, you can let your fall decor items serve as a container for Halloween candy and decorations like plastic spiders and other creepy figures.

      Outside your home, add decorative bales of hay, inflatables and other outdoor fall decor like metal pumpkins and unique scarecrows. Outdoor silk floral arrangements can keep colorful flowers surrounding your home, even after the temperatures cool down. Use scarecrows as plant stands or install them in the center of your yard with a pole for a traditional look. When Halloween approaches, you can even use a Halloween mask to make your scarecrow a real scream.

      Decorate your home with harvest decor to admire fall beauty inside and outside. These autumn decorations welcome your guests with warmth throughout the season. Turn your home into a cozy spot to snuggle as those autumn winds grow cool and the greenery fades to shades of brown, red and yellow. Kmart has everything you need to decorate your home for the autumn, from harvest decor to fall treats like apple cider and candy corn, at prices that won't leave you out in the cold.


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