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      Turn your home into a haunted haven with Halloween decor

      Whether you're hosting the first Halloween party of the year or the last, you want to have the best decorated house to impress your friends and family when they visit. When Halloween trick-or-treaters come to your door, you can scare them or make them laugh depending on the type of Halloween decor that you choose. Kmart has a huge selection of frightening and funny Halloween decorations so you can spruce up your home with the theme of your choice.

      If you want to create a terrifying haunted house, start with a few basics: spider webs, fake blood and plastic creatures such as insects, rats and bats. Then look for accents that will fit with your Halloween decor theme. Impress your neighbors with your old fashioned haunted mansion, complete with floating ghosts and flickering lights. Design a gruesome scene with bloody creatures, tattered fabrics and signs that beg for help. If you want to give your guests a taste of the mad scientist's medicine, look for Halloween decorations with an evil lab theme. Jars of slime, syringes and plastic brains will spook anyone who enters your home. Choose a women's or men's Halloween costume that coordinates with your home theme for the ultimate fright.

      For families with young children, you may want to add a more lighthearted flair to your spooky space, so consider brightly lit inflatables and air-blown figures. Scary ghosts and creepy pumpkins will illuminate your yard with a fun and entertaining scene for all ages. Purple and orange light sets, plastic pumpkins and other decorative items will be a hit with the kiddos while readying your home for the big day. When the trick-or-treaters step toward your front door, they'll know that you're home waiting with a bowl of Halloween candy.

      Of course, your kids might be even more thrilled if the Halloween decor featured their favorite characters and cartoons. Pick up fun cartoon Halloween decorations featuring favorite Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Your children will love coming home to figurines, inflatables and animated figures that aim to delight instead of frighten. Find decorations that match your toddler's character Halloween costume for the neighborhood trick-or-treating adventure to add even more fun for your little one.

      Decorating your home for Halloween can be exciting and full of creativity. Use a combination of unique items from Kmart with homemade decorative pieces to design an amazing space, whether you live in a large house or a one-bedroom apartment.

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