Halloween Decor

With the spooky season just around the corner, you're probably starting to dig for Halloween decor. Take an inventory of the decorations you already have and make a list of what needs replaced and what you'd like to add to your collection this year. You can also think about the different parts of your house you want to decorate this year. Do you need more window decorations? Would you like to invest in an inflatable yard pumpkin? Once you've decided on holiday-specific pieces, fill in space with harvest decor. These autumn decorations can also take the place of Halloween-themed ones you'll take down in November. Browse here to find all of the Halloween and harvest decor you need this fall.

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Turn your home into a haunt haven with Halloween decor

During the fall, there are many holidays to decorate for from Halloween to Thanksgiving. If you want to host a Halloween party, the first item on your party-planning shopping list should be Halloween decor. It's the key to having a successfully themed party. Choose from spooky decorations that frighten your guests to cute ones that welcome the season.

When choosing Halloween decor, you should think about the different spaces you'd like to decorate and then choose decorations appropriately. This will prevent you from coming home with too many window decorations and none for the tables. Start by thinking about your yard and the areas surrounding your home; this will be the first part of your house that guests will see. A dancing skeleton or talking character head can greet people to your porch. If you'd like to make a bigger statement, pick-up some Halloween yard inflatables. Of course, classics such as gravestones and scarecrows can always add a scary twist. Play music on Trick or Treat nights to make sure visitors are good and spooked by the time they make it up to your doorbell.

Next, you'll want to find decorations for the doors, windows and walls. These are some of the most popular Halloween decorations, so you'll have plenty of options. Those looking for a more elegant option have any number of Halloween wreaths, while window clings are a great way to celebrate with your favorite cartoon characters or create other whimsical touches throughout your house. Halloween lighting like strands of jack-o-lanterns and ghosts add a fun new element without having to spend hours redecorating or swapping out wall art.

Instead of just celebrating the season, are you trying to create a spooky mood for a party or other visitors? Specialty Halloween decorations such as fog and bubble machines will create an eerie vibe for your party and make it stand out from other Halloween festivities. Flickering lights can be a subtle sense of discomfort, while cobwebs are a staple for any haunted house. You can get the whole family in on it; there are adorable infant Halloween costumes to turn your little one into a tiny witch or bat.

Fill out a few key Halloween pieces with decorations for fall. Fall decorations can be displayed longer, so you're getting more display bang for your buck. Surround your holiday-specific decorations with generic autumn-themed ones. This method will keep you from having to purchase new decorations for your entire home for Halloween, Thanksgiving and fall. Just take down the holiday-specific decor once the holiday has passed.

Deck your whole house out with Halloween decor to get into the spirit of the holiday. From silly and shining to subtle spooky, great Halloween decorations can add some extra fun and flair to your holiday. Trust Kmart to have the decorations you want at a price that will have you coming back again and again.


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