Halloween Candy

For kids, one of the most exciting parts of Halloween is collecting candy from the neighbors, at parties and other Halloween events. With specialty candy that only comes out for Halloween, like candy corn, and Halloween-packaged favorites, like Snickers, Reese's and M&M's, you're sure to find a huge selection of candy to fill your Halloween treat bags. Stock up on Halloween candy from Kmart to make all the kids in the neighborhood smile. When they come to your door in their boys' and girls' Halloween costumes, give them a treat instead of a trick.

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Hand out your favorite Halloween candy this year

Halloween candy is a staple of Halloween shopping. From fruity favorites like Starburst and Skittles to choice chocolates like Kit Kat and Milky Way, Kmart has the candy that you need to fill treat bags this Halloween. If you have a large neighborhood with lots of children, make sure that you have enough candy for all the kids with a few pieces left for yourself. Choose your favorite candy so the leftovers are sure to get eaten in your home.

Trick-or-treating offers kids a fun way to interact with neighbors and local businesses. Whether you're setting a bowl of candy outside your home with a "take one" sign or waiting patiently at the door for every group of neighborhood children, the joy of giving out treats to kids comes alive each Halloween. You can package individual treat bags with a variety of favorite candies and other Halloween goodies or just hand out pieces of candy to kids in their girls' and boys' Halloween costumes.

When you host a party, whether it's for little kids or adults-only, Halloween candy makes the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween snacks and drinks. Add Halloween candy as part of your Halloween or harvest decor by weaving it in the fake spider webs or filling a decorative pumpkin bowl with your favorite treats. Your guests will appreciate the quick and delicious sweets while they're waiting for a feast or long after dinner has ended.

Of course, Halloween candy isn't just for trick-or-treating and adding to theHalloween decorations. Send the kids to school with Halloween treat bags for their classmates for a delightful and fun Halloween party. Let the kids choose two or three of their favorites to add to the bags for a personalized touch. They can even help you pick out Halloween-themed stationery, pencils, erasers and more so their friends get more than just candy. You can also surprise your kids throughout the month of October by adding a few sweet treats in their lunch bag. They'll love discovering a delicious piece of candy to finish off their otherwise healthy lunch.

Halloween can be exciting for kids and adults of all ages. This year, get the candy that you and your kids love for all of the Halloween events that you're planning. From trick-or-treating to costume parties, you can find a great selection of Halloween essentials at Kmart.


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