Boys Halloween Costumes

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      Slip into character with boys Halloween costumes

      Children love to let their imagination run wild for Halloween; the right costume can allow your little boy the chance to be as heroic as Superman or as smart as his favorite doctor. Let him unlock his inner superhero, spy or firefighter with Kmart's great boys Halloween costumes. From movie and TV characters to scary, silly or a superhero costumes, Halloween is a chance for your son to live a million different lives. Whether you're stocking up for a new round of trick or treating or simply expanding his collection of play clothes, trust Kmart to have all the options you need at a price you'll adore.

      Does he want to dress up as a movie or TV character? He can slip into the shoes of his favorite Disney/Pixar characters from Monsters Inc., Toy Story and Finding Nemo. If your son's tastes run toward the heroics of superheroes, check out our superhero costumes like Thor, Captain America, Spiderman and Superman. Power Rangers are also a great way for your little boy to express his heroism, while younger boys may gravitate toward Sesame Street characters. This could also be a great way to get a family costume together; many popular movie or television franchises have men's, women's, boys' and girls' Halloween costumes, so you can all go as one big, super-powered family.

      We have a variety of scary costumes for boys, too. Vampires, zombies and ghouls all make terrifying costumes; you can even grab buckets of blood to take a regular outfit and make it spook-tactular! If your son is the class clown, our silly costumes such as zombie bananas and zombie hot dogs might be more his style; they have the spooky element he's looking for while still being a fun, unique option. The key is in the details; the perfect fangs, scary makeup and shoes can take his whole costume up a notch. Don't forget about candy bags that match the costume: a faux-blood-splattered burlap sack will add that extra element of reality to his look.

      For the boy who'd rather fight the scary characters, staples such as G. I. Joe, ninjas and knights give him the chance to protect his classmates and scare away the spooks while trick or treating. You can get in the game as well; grab a women's Halloween costumes and hold epic battles as a sorceress or vampire. You can even turn your front yard fall decorations into a battleground, with an epic kids-vs.-adults or boys-vs.-girls Halloween brawl.

      Make sure your family and your home look great in time for trick-or-treating. Choose coordinating costumes for everyone to make a statement at a party or let everyone choose their own. Whether your son wants to be hilarious or heroic, Kmart has all of the Halloween costumes you need.

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