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      Bring Halloween to life with the perfect costumes

      Whether you're trying to please a picky teen or find a costume your whole family can love as a group project, we have everything you need to get your family outfitted this Halloween. Costumes are a staple of the season, and Kmart has the selection any parent needs to shop for everyone in the family. If you lean toward the scary, we have zombies, vampires, ninjas and werewolves. Become a super hero with Iron Man, Superman or Wonder Woman; real-life heroes such as doctors, firefighters and teachers are also a great option. Have a favorite costume you want to punch up with some new accessories? We have shoes, masks and plenty of decorations to bring your vision to life.

      When it comes to the kids, it's all about choices. Adorable toddler and infant costumes can transform your little girl into a miniature princesses or your boy into a dashing bumble bees. Your little man can become a superhero or transform into man's best friend. If your kids are a little older, let them choose their own silly or scary boy's and girl's costumes. We carry character costumes that all of your children will love. For boys, we have zombies, ghouls and wrestlers, while little girls can choose from princesses, fairies and witches. Teens are always a little more difficult to please, but at Kmart, we're confident that we can find something your teen will love to wear.

      Once the kids have chosen costumes, it's time for mom and dad to look. Kmart has men's and women's costumes in a variety of styles and themes. Men can choose from scary costumes such as the Grim Reaper or a novelty costume designed to set people giggling, such as bacon or ketchup. Or get into the spirit of togetherness with coordinating superhero costumes for the whole family. The ladies can choose anything from spooky, such as vampires and dead brides, to fun, such as cheerleaders and angels. Consider having a family-wide costume theme such as hippies or vampires, or let everyone express their individuality with costume choices. If you'd like to match a friend or spouse, we also have a couple's costumes available. Still can't find that perfect costume your son or wife is looking for? Browse the costume accessories; with the right accessories, the perfect costume is in reach.

      When you have your outfits ready, it's time to find a Halloween costume for your house. Show off your holiday spirit with Halloween decorations. Choose from iconic symbols such as pumpkins, bats, tombstones and skeletons. Remember to spread your decorations throughout your house. Decide on a part or two of each room you want to decorate such as the door, entrance, wall, table, shelf or bookcase. Purchase some seasonal fall decorations such as fall wreaths to replace or supplement the Halloween decor you choose when the holiday is over. Of course, if you want to spread the work out over the whole autumn, you can put up basic harvest decor and add in a layer of Halloween decorations such as spiders and cobwebs to make it multipurpose; once the holiday has passed, the Halloween piece disappear, leaving you with a great fall decor.

      For Halloween this year, find costumes your whole family will love. Let each member of your family decide what they'd like to wear. You can also choose costumes for your pet. Don't forget to bring the holidays home with some Halloween and fall decorations. Browse our selection of Halloween costumes and decorations here.

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