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      Nothing helps ring in the holiday season quite like Christmas decorations. When the time comes to deck your halls this year, look beyond the obvious Christmas tree ornaments and consider a Christmas village collection from Kmart. These sets contain different buildings, structure, figurines and landscapes to evoke a joyful mood anywhere in your home. They're also Christmas collectibles, and many people establish the tradition of adding one new building to their collection every year. This means you can build up an entire village of festive ornamental buildings that will look great on a shelf, table or mantle.

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      Ring in the season with Christmas collectibles from Kmart

      Christmas decorations aren't just sparkles and lights. They evoke a certain feeling, like the atmosphere of a small wintry town where good will and cheer are in abundant supply. One great way to add this joyous feeling to your home is with a Christmas village of collectible buildings and figurines. You can create an entire little world on your table or shelf, complete with a bakery, pub, dog-walkers and even Santa himself. This village scene can give you an extra little jolt of Christmas cheer every time you walk by.

      No holiday is complete without a few indoor Christmas decorations. One of the most charming and traditional of decorations is the Christmas village. These villages consist of cute little houses, figurines and accessories that evoke the feeling of a quaint little town during Christmas. When starting a Christmas village, you should begin with the right buildings. Start out with a chapel, toy shop, carousel and chocolate shop. Then over time you can add extras like an Irish pub, fire station and hot cocoa stand.

      Once you have the buildings in place, populate your Christmas village with some beautiful, lifelike figurines. Add skiers, snowmen and firemen. Some figurines even tell a little story, like "Sleigh Wreck" and "Chocolate Thief." You can also add animals, like cute little squirrels or curious dogs. These figurines make great Christmas gifts, especially for someone with more sentimental taste; for your friends and family who are more practically minded, consider an As Seen on TV gift instead.

      Finally, complete your Christmas village with the accessories that put the finishing touches on things. You can add a fine layer of fake snow to create a wintry atmosphere and give your buildings the appearance of really being part of a snowy town. Add some mailboxes, a bridge or a park bench for a quaint touch. A street clock or street lamp will help you give the impression of a road. Finally, consider weaving some Christmas lights throughout your village to give it a radiant glow, and allow your guests to admire it even at night.

      Add a quaint touch of Christmas charm to your home today with a new Christmas village. These collections of buildings, figurines and accessories are made to last, so you can increase the size of your collection year after year. You can, of course, arrange them however you want, giving you complete creative control over the tiny little world you're adding to your mantle. For a head start on great Christmas village collectibles, check out our selection at Kmart. We have everything you need to get your home full of Christmas spirit and ready for the holidays.


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