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      Let your Christmas tree stand tall

      The holiday season is a time of bright colors, joy and cheer. Christmas trees are a traditional symbol of the season and one that stands tall in your home. Whether you want one tree or several, there are hundreds of styles, designs and sizes to match any room. You can find trees with pre-strung lights and various color schemes to suit your style. From traditional green pines to pink, blue and white trees that make a statement in your home, you can find a huge selection at Kmart.

      When you first set up a tree for the holidays, you may spend hours admiring the beauty of the colors, the lights and the shimmer of sparkling ornaments. The tradition of trimming the tree is one that the entire family can enjoy, from setting up the tree to placing lights, ornaments and garland in a decorative pattern. A rotating tree that moves inside the Christmas tree stand allows you to show off all of the decorations that have been hung with care.

      Children love opening boxes of Christmas ornaments that they can hang on the tree. They'll love the ornaments even more if they have their own special Christmas tree to place a few select ornaments on. Give your kids their own miniature trees, whether the trees are a foot tall or 3 feet tall, and your children will cherish those memories for a lifetime. They may even keep the tree for many years to come.

      When you have a high-quality artificial Christmas tree, it will withstand years of use, so you can rest assured that these trees will last for several years. When the time comes to put the tree away for the holiday season, proper Christmas storage is a must to keep holiday clutter organized, easy to find and easily accessible. You can store your tree in pieces or as a whole unit, protecting it from dust, mold and damage while it's in storage. If you have multiple trees, you'll want to make sure to keep them separated for easy assembly each year.

      Let the holidays be a relaxing and enjoyable time of the year to focus on what really matters. Decorate your home with the whole family for a memorable experience, and let Kmart help you with all the supplies you need to create a magical holiday home.

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