Tree Stands

      Before heading out to pick up your Christmas tree, be sure you have somewhere to put it when you get home. Sturdy and durable tree stands will last for years and ensure that your tree stays straight and upright throughout the holiday season. Consider the size of your tree as you browse the selection at Kmart, and choose the stand that matches your ideal tree size. If you're looking for something different, consider a rotating tree stand to keep your tree gently rotating so you can see it from all angles and enjoy the festive twinkle of moving Christmas ornaments and lights.

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      Keep your Christmas tree upright with sturdy tree stands

      Hands-down, your Christmas tree is your most noticeable and important Christmas decoration. It's the centerpiece of your living room that casts a warm, cozy glow. It can't stand up on its own, though, which is why you need a stand to hold that perfect tree in place. A good Christmas tree stand requires little assembly to hold your tree straight and steady, whether you get a real tree every year or reuse an artificial tree. Choose a tree stand from trusted brands like Trim a Home, National Tree Company and St. Nick's Choice.

      Tree stands are a necessity when you get a real tree. Real trees are usually heavier and more difficult to maneuver than artificial trees, and they require bigger, stronger tree stands to keep them upright. Of course, having a real tree is well worth the effort; after all, garland and holiday wreaths are nice, but nothing gives your home that sense of the holiday season quite like a real live Christmas tree in the living room. Just make sure that the stand you get is big enough to hold your tree, and don't forget to add water to the stand to keep your tree alive during the entire holiday season.

      Artificial trees are usually lighter and easier to move around than real trees. Because of this, artificial tree stands typically have a much smaller diameter. Just insert the bottom of your tree into the stand and put it flat on the floor. Once your tree is standing straight, decorate it using Christmas tree lights, garland, tinsel and ornaments. Some artificial tree stands even offer a unique rotating action, so guests will get to see all sides of your Christmas tree.

      One of the biggest benefits of a sturdy tree stand is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tree won't fall over. Because of all the ornaments placed on them, Christmas trees have a tendency to be top-heavy and fall. When you trust that your tree is sturdy and not going anywhere, you'll feel safe putting delicate presents underneath it. Whether you're wrapping up dishes, clothes, toys, As Seen on TV appliances or electronics, you'll feel comfortable knowing that the tree won't fall over and break anything when you're out of the room.

      This holiday season, keep your tree steady in a sturdy, durable tree stand that will last for years. Christmas is a special time of year, and it's not worth the headache to mess around with a low-quality tree stand. Get a good one today at Kmart, your one-stop shop for beautiful and affordable holiday decor.

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