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      Keep your decorations safe and organized with Christmas storage bins

      Decorating for the holidays brings joy to many people. Maybe you love hanging lights outside, putting ornaments on the tree or adorning your room in festive decor. Decking the halls can be fun, but the post-holiday cleanup can be dreadful. That's why Kmart offers versatile and durable Christmas storage that can make taking down decorations less of a drag. Consider purchasing these storage containers to protect and organize your holiday baubles.

      Beautiful Christmas wreaths are classic decor pieces. An outdoor wreath can welcome guests to your home; sparkling lights and silk flowers add a touch of warmth to any doorway. An indoor wreath, on the other hand, can bring a touch of the snowy outdoors to your living room. Unfortunately, these gorgeous adornments can be difficult to store. Artificial pine and poinsettias can get smashed beneath other decor, boxes of ornaments, As Seen on TV appliances or whatever else you have tucked away in storage. Dust and pests can settle into wreaths. Protect these great decorations with plastic boxes designed to accommodate their unique shape. Wreath boxes come in a variety of sizes and generally include solid circular centers to maintain an even shape in your wreaths so they look great for years to come.

      A Christmas tree is central to many homes during the holidays. Most families enjoy gathering around a beautifully decorated tree on Christmas morning to open their toys, clothes, As Seen on TV gifts and other presents. Of course, no tree would be complete without plenty of lights, ornaments and a tree stand. You should take care to store your Christmas tree stand, ornaments and lights carefully after the holidays are over. Place your tree stand in a sturdy plastic container to prevent warping, since bent stands cannot properly support your tree. Special padded boxes are essential to protect delicate ornaments. They're also stackable to save space. Containers designed specifically for strands of lights prevent tangling and facilitate easy unwinding.

      Perhaps you enjoy using Christmas garland on your tree or around your house. Christmas garland comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. Beaded strands look beautiful over windows or doorways, while traditional tinsel garland adds a touch of sparkle to your Christmas tree. However, this beautiful accent can become easily tangled in storage. Use boxes designed for wreaths or lights to keep garland from becoming messy. Plastic storage containers also provide protection from pests that might enjoy munching on your decorations.

      Decorating your home can be a fun activity that adds to the experience. Keep your decorations beautiful and easy to access by storing them properly. Kmart offers a wide variety of Christmas storage containers to choose from. Get one for all your delicate decorations so that your ornaments, wreaths and lights look great for years to come.

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