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      Complete your costume with Halloween masks and accessories

      When you dress up for Halloween, you're taking on a role for the evening, whether you're a witch, pirate or movie character. Of course, your costume isn't complete without the Halloween accessories that add to the character that you're creating. At Kmart, you can find the largest selection of Halloween masks, makeup and other accessories to fashion the ultimate Halloween costume.

      Your little ones will love adding a variety of accessories to their toddler Halloween costumes. Add fairy wings and a tiara to your little girl's Halloween costume or give them faux weapons for pretend play while they frolic through the neighborhood. Little ones won't appreciate the simplicity of Halloween masks, but grade-school children will love masks featuring their favorite characters and personalities. If your blonde pixie wants to dress as Ariel or Merida, look for red wigs that give her the look she craves. With hundreds of options available, your children will have the most intricate costumes on the block.

      Older kids may skip out on trick-or-treating, but with teen Halloween costumes, they'll have something to wear to the school dance or their friend's Halloween party. Let them personalize their costume with unique accessories that help make the ensemble their own. From colorful wigs to realistic-looking swords, your teen will have a slew of Halloween accessories to choose from. They'll have fun mixing and matching accessories with the trendiest costumes this season.

      In addition to getting the family decked out with costumes and accessories galore, you'll need to complete your costume in time for the big Halloween bash or adventures with the kids. Look for gruesomely detailed masks to terrify friends and party-goers or look for a full set of clown makeup to make them laugh. Complete your women's Halloween costume with accessories and accents that help you stand out in a crowd, including boldly colored headpieces, faux jewelry and more.

      Halloween costumes offer a chance to create a unique character for the night. From Halloween masks and makeup to wigs, wings and hairpieces, you can find the pieces that you need to complete your or your child's ensemble. Kmart has a vast collection of masks, makeup and accessories you can pick up before the big night so you and the kids are ready for anything.

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