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Sleep tight in comfortable and stylish beds from Kmart

Getting a new bed isn't all about comfort, though. A bed is still a piece of furniture, which means it should look good in your bedroom and fit in with the rest of your decor. You have to select a size, style, material and finish that complement your room and help it feel like a peaceful, relaxing place. The type of bed you select can have a big impact on the feel of a room. In addition to standard beds, consider how different your room might feel with a daybed, bunk bed or platform bed. Loft and storage beds are a handy option when space is an issue.

Before buying a bed, think about what size will work best for your room. A bigger size will, of course, give you and your partner more room to stretch out. The downside is that you might not have enough space in your bedroom. Consider what would look better in your room, a wooden bed or a metal bed. While these options won't give you the flexibility of an adjustable bed, they still allow you to customize your new bed depending on your personal sense of style.

If you prefer something a little more off the beaten path, consider a daybed. Daybeds are a unique and stylish choice. These metal or wooden beds stand out because they have a headboard along the side of the bed, rather than at the top. They feature a twin-size mattress and can double as either a bed or a couch, which makes them a great choice for an office or guest room. Some daybeds also have storage drawers underneath the mattress, making them an efficient choice for smaller rooms.

If you want extra storage but don't want a daybed, consider a storage bed or loft bed. Storage beds typically feature drawers underneath the mattress. A loft bed will lift your mattress up in the air, allowing you to store even large items underneath. For kids' rooms, take a look at bunk beds and children's beds. These styles come in fun shapes, like racecars, and would look great with a festive set of christmas sheets. For mom and dad's room, on the other hand, consider the sophisticated privacy of a canopy bed with curtains.

Think of how great you feel after a good night's sleep. You stretch your arms out and feel a rush of energy. Already, you feel more pep and focus. You're ready to tackle the day. Being well-rested is important for maintaining a positive outlook, and have a comfortable bed is the first step in sleeping well. So shop at Kmart for a huge selection of beds in different styles, all at our everyday low prices.


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