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      Potty chairs help your tot leave diapers behind

      When your toddler decides that he or she is ready for potty training, you'll need to invest in potty training supplies to make the transition out of disposable or cloth diapers easier. Potty chairs come in two basic types: a freestanding, toddler-sized potty chair; and a kid-sized potty seat that attaches to a full-sized toilet seat. Choosing the best potty seat depends on you and your kiddo's preferences. Of course, you may want to purchase one of each to take advantage of the benefits of both.

      Freestanding potty chairs are toddler-sized and low to the ground, so your little one may feel less intimidated about potentially slipping or falling into the toilet. In addition, this type of potty chair is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it between rooms and even on short trips for your tot to use. Some parents prefer a potty seat that attaches to a regular toilet so that they don't have to empty and clean a toddler toilet after every use. These potty seats are even more portable than toddler toilets. Just remember to use a stepping stool so your child can reach the toilet.

      Stock up on Kmart's potty training supplies, and your tot will feel just as grown-up as mommy and daddy when using the potty.

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