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      Give your kids a holiday to remember with Easter baskets from Kmart

      Easter is great holiday that marks the arrival of springs. Kid are dying hard-boiled eggs and going on hunts for plastic ones filled with candy. Give your kids the full Easter effect with a fun, colorful Easter basket. This will give them a place to store all their candy and other loot from egg hunts. Kmart has baskets with themes for both boys and girls, featuring characters from Scooby Doo to Barbie. You know you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket, so make sure to get one for all the kids in your house.

      A traditional Easter basket is often made out of wicker or wire that has been woven into a round basket. The benefit to this classic style of Easter basket is that it gives you a long-lasting basket your children can use year after year. They will come to know that this is their basket, and look forward to finding it every year; a traditional Easter basket becomes part of your Easter tradition. You can even set them on an end table as an Easter decoration.

      If you want to shake things up, on the other hand, consider a paperboard Easter basket. These square-shaped baskets are typically more colorful than traditional round Easter baskets and feature images of popular kids' characters on the outside. Usually each side of the basket shows a different image of that character, like the Nickelodeon SpongeBob basket that shows SpongeBob making a different face on all four sides of the basket. They're nice and deep, giving you lots of room for goodies like candy, toys and Easter stuffed animals. The benefit of paperboard baskets is that your kids can continue to use it even after Easter is over.

      Once you've got the Easter baskets you want, it's time to fill them. Start with some decorative Easter grass, which gives you a nice soft place to put your goodies and makes the basket look full. Then add candy, eggs and toys. Fill tiny plastic Easter eggs with snacks and candy for a mini-surprise in each. Finally, if you have more than one child, make things easier on yourself by buying bulk snacks. This also allows you to give each kid the same snacks, so nobody will get jealous over someone else's basket.

      Easter marks the warm season of spring, and is a holiday your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Give them fun, colorful Easter baskets to hold their gifts and collect their loot during Easter egg hunts. Shop at Kmart for the best kids' Easter baskets at great prices.

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