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Take a more delicate approach to shooting with pellet guns

Hunting small game requires a scaled-down approach, and that means certain weapons are the best options for the task. Air rifles or pistols, slingshots and pellet guns are effective tools for hunting small game, or they can be used for informal target shooting in the backyard or the woods, known to practitioners as "plinking". When hunting for rabbits, foxes or squirrels, an air rifle is the ideal weapon. It can provide the right amount of power and accuracy and can be used in any weather. Within range, an air rifle or pistol can also be a means of ridding your property of damage-causing pests.

Aside from any hunting pursuits, if you want to create a shooting range in your backyard, an air rifle or pellet gun is a great tool for practicing your accuracy and improving your shooting skills. Competitive shooting needs training, and a precision air rifle is the perfect means for taking your abilities to a new level. We also carry a variety of different pellets for both hunting and target shooting, including ones that glow in the dark for night shooting. Our air rifles also come equipped with an optic scope so you can hone in on your target and take perfect aim.

Our selection of airsoft guns use BBs and pellets, and some are designed as vintage rifles from decades ago or are similar to the semiautomatic rifles of today. If you'd like to have something eye-catching, these models will stand out from the standard pellet guns. Also, if you'd like to try target practice with an unusual weapon, you can pick up a slingshot and test your accuracy. This is a simple but powerful tool and a variety of different models are available with different levels of sophistication. If you're interested in doing some target plinking with friends, purchase a model with wrist support for greater accuracy. Slingshots can also be used for hunting small game, such as rabbits or squirrels. Some are designed with a magazine of BBs within the handle, so you always have ammunition on hand.

Whatever your hunting activities or recreational pursuits, we have the gear and equipment you'll want from the top-ranked brands. If your small-game hunting gear already includes some hunting bows, arrows and quivers, an air rifle or pellet gun would help complete your arsenal of options. No matter your ability or background, we have the weapons for your next trip or session on the backyard shooting range at prices you'll love.


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