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      Make home safe for baby with childproofing products

      As your little one begins to explore your home, you'll want to make sure they can't get into anything dangerous. Secure the kitchen cabinets with childproof locks keep your little ones from getting into your cleaning supplies and other products that can be harmful to them. You can get similar locks to secure your windows.

      If you're bringing home your first child, there are kits that have all the safety items you need for your home. An important step in childproofing is sealing up electrical outlets to keep tiny fingers out. Comprehensive kits will come with at least 30 outlet covers for all the most frequented rooms in your home. Along with the outlet covers, add a door knob to keep young children from opening the door and heading outside.

      Specialty locks keep all your appliances secured so curious toddlers can't get in. Front-load washers and dryers have doors at child height, so you'll want to grab locks that keep them sealed tight when you're not around. If you need to lock up some older or irregularly-shaped appliances, Kmart has a number of multipurpose strap locks to do the job. Get all of the childproofing items you need to make your home safe for your little one.

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