My First Craftsman

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      My First Craftsman Toys Offer Pretend Playtime for Boys and Girls

      With My First Craftsman toys from Kmart, your child can pretend to be a construction worker, carpenter or mechanic just like his or her mom and dad. These toys enhance the child's early developmental skills such as problem solving and hand/eye coordination. Choose the My First Craftsman Excavator with its realistic sounds, swivel crane and tracks that move. My First Craftsman toolbox set contains over 30 toy tools such as hammers, saws, pliers and more for your child to use at a busy day of pretend work.

      With this selection of boy's Halloween costumes, your child can dress up and pretend to be anything that he imagines. Choose from California Costume Collections, Totally Ghoul and Everlast in sizes ranging from extra small to 14. Select from pirate, fairytale, ninja and classic costumes, such as the California Costume Collections Running Bull costume with its included shirt, pants and hair feather. Full body costumes are also available, such as the Totally Ghoul Bleeding Skull costume with its robe and a skull mask that oozes and drips fake blood.

      Some fantasy vehicles also help your child learn developmental skills, such as the Just Kidz Robo Morphers that transform from trucks and cars into fighting robots. Find toy vehicles with lights or sound, such as the Mattel "Toy Story" Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Command Center that contains sounds, phrases and a voice amplifier. Nine-inch Spin Outs vehicles also have working lights, sounds and phrases, and each car speeds along the ground before going into a tailspin. In addition, three "AA" batteries are included.

      Improve your child's learning skills with educational software. Teach your child how to play the guitar with the Topics Entertainment "Instant Play Guitar" CD-ROM. Give your child an advantage before starting school with the Encore "Reader Rabbit: Kindergarten Favorites" CD-ROM. When your child is learning to type, teach him or her even faster with the help of Individual Software PC "Typing Instructor for Kids." These CD-ROMS play on any laptop, netbook or Windows PC.

      My First Craftsman toys give your child the tools that he or she needs to build a pretend house or work on an excavation site. Shop Kmart online or at the store for even more affordable toys, costumes and software for boys and girls of all ages.

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