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      Take care of your guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and more with these small animal supplies

      There's something about small pets that you love. They're tiny and nonthreatening, playful and often adorable. A cuddly bunny or cute ferret can help cheer you up and entertain you, your friends or your kids. From cages and habitats to food and toys, you can supply your small animals with everything they need to stay happy and healthy. If you own a small animal like a rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, hamster or gerbil, this is where you'll find the small animal supplies you need to take care of them.

      The first thing you need when adopting a small animal pet is a place for them to live. Just as a doghouse is one of the most essential dog supplies for an outside dog, a cage, hutch or habitat is one of the most important things to buy before bringing your new small pet home. Your choice of habitat will depend on the size and number of animals you need to house; you can find large glass hutches, small wire cages and everything in between from brands like Lee's Aquarium and Pet Products. To make the cage feel like home, spruce it up with decorations and toys from Pets International Ltd.

      Depending on what kind of animal you have, you'll need certain accessories to keep them healthy and entertained. Whether you're shopping for gerbil, hamster, rabbit or even reptile supplies, there's always a species-specific piece of equipment for sale. Hamsters, mice and gerbils, for instance, need a wheel to run on for exercise; Prevue Pet Products has a good selection of these. Kordon LLC and Lixit Corporation offer bottle bells that small animals can drink out of. You can even purchase hermit crab sand from Zoo Med Laboratories.

      Finally, of course, every animal needs the right kind of food to keep them nourished. It doesn't matter if you're shopping for guinea pig or fish supplies; your pets need to eat. Give your rabbit high-quality food from Vitakraft Sunseed Inc. or Kaytee Pet Products. Marshall Pet Products offers a ferret food, and Kaytee Pet Products has a good selection for a variety of small animals. Don't forget to get some treats so you can give your pets a snack and reward them for good behavior.

      A small pet like a gerbil, rabbit or hamster can give you years of entertainment and love. Repay the favor by taking good care of them with the appropriate small animal supplies like cages, accessories and food. Here at Kmart we offer a wide variety of these items and more, so you can take great care of even the small, furry members of your family.

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