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      Add an exotic pet to your home with reptile supplies from Kmart

      Add a touch of the exotic to your home with a snake, turtle, gecko or other reptile. If you're bored with the usual pet options of dogs, cats and goldfish, a lizard is just the thing to stand out in your home and be a conversation piece for guests. A reptile requires some specialized equipment, but luckily you can find all the supplies you need here at Kmart from well-known pet brands like Pets International and Nature Zone.

      Buying reptile supplies is a lot different than buying dog supplies. You don't want snakes and turtles running wild through the house, so the first thing you'll need to do is set up a place for them to live. Start with a terrarium from Zoo Med Laboratories, and furnish it with decor like large decorative stones and ornate logs from Zilla. Keep in mind your reptiles may have a distinct smell, so get an odor spray from Natural Chemistry to mask any scents.

      Whether you're buying reptile, bird or even cat supplies, food is one of the most important purchases you'll make. The food you get your reptiles should be nutritious and mimic their natural diet. Check out some of the reptile food offerings from Rep-Cal Research Labs and San Francisco Bay Brand for a variety of formulas for tortoises, clawed frogs, tadpoles, iguanas and more. Keep in mind that some reptiles prefer to eat live animals, such as mice and crickets.

      Depending on what kind of reptile you have, you may need a few accessories or other small animal supplies for them. Reptiles love to bask in the sun, so if yours will be indoors you might want to give them a heat lamp from Energy Savers Unlimited. Turtles and other amphibious reptiles need a way to get in and out of the water; Kordon offers ramps that are perfect for tortoises. If you aren't sure how to take care of your new reptile, check out some of the books from Tfh Publications Inc. (Nyalbone); they offer instructional books on caring for different types.

      Having a reptile pet will really help you to stand out while creating an interesting and visually appealing display in your home. Kids, friends and guests will all notice your new pet and want to know more about it. Whether you want a snake, lizard or turtle, you'll find all the reptile supplies you need here at Kmart. We offer a range of terrariums, food, decor and other items to keep them thriving.

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