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      Keep your dog happy and healthy with dog supplies from Kmart

      Your dog isn't just a pet; it's part of the family. Man's best friend comes in many shapes and sizes, from tiny Shih Tzus to huge Great Danes, but they all come with a big heart and lots of love. Show your dogs how much you care by taking good care of them with high-quality dog supplies from trusted brands like Dog Zone, Anima, Hartz and Carolina Pet Company. Canines need nutritious food, a comfortable bed, a durable carrier and effective grooming products. Here at Kmart you can find all this and more to make sure your furry friends stay happy and healthy.

      Of all the dog, cat or fish supplies you can buy, the most important one is high-quality food full of nutrition. A big bag of dry dog food is the most convenient way to feed your dog; Purina offers a number of great-tasting dry foods, including formulas that are made specifically for adult dogs, indoor dogs and puppies. For a special treat, give your dog a can of wet food from Champion Breed. Canines love these meaty, savory meals.

      You should also make sure to give your dog a comfortable place to sleep. A bed may not be on the list of essential reptile supplies, but a warm, soft bed is a must for all your warm-blooded pets. For one thing, cozy beds help your dogs feel at home by giving them cozy places to call their own; it will also help keep dogs off your bed, allowing you to sleep better at night. Check out the beds from Majestic Pet and Happy Hounds to see a wide variety of options.

      Don't forget that your dog has to travel sometimes, whether it's going on vacation with the family or just to the vet for a check-up. Depending on the size of your dog, you might be able to take advantage of the convenient carriers offered by Pet Gear and Pet Life. These carriers are not just for dogs, because some are small enough to double as cat carriers, too. Buying versatile dog supplies keeps you from double purchasing when it comes to buying cat supplies and carriers.

      Make your dogs feel like a part of the family by providing them with good food, a comfortable bed and everything they need to stay clean and healthy. Here at Kmart we offer a wide variety of dog supplies to suit your needs, so take a look to find just what you need to put a smile on your dog's face.

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