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      Cat Litter Boxes and Supplies are Affordable at Kmart

      Give your cat some privacy when you invest in dome-covered cat litter boxes from Kmart. Kmart offers an array of brand name litter boxes and supplies from Petmate, Aspen Pet Products and LitterMaid. Choose a traditional Petmate litter pan with Aspen Clean Step liners, or make cleanup even easier with a LitterMaid automatic self-cleaning litter box. Van Ness litter scoops help you maintain your cat's litter box daily, and drawstring cat liners remove easily when it's time to empty the box.

      Take care of accidents before they happen by using dog housetraining and incontinence products. Choose from clean-up supplies, dog panties and diapers for pups and older dogs. For pups, select Hartz or Out! deluxe training pads with special scents for training puppies where to use the bathroom. Bramton Company diaper garments are useful for older dogs with incontinence problems or female dogs in heat.

      Keep your cat looking its best when you use cat grooming supplies from Four Paws Products, JW Pet Company and Hartz. Trim long cat nails with JW Pet Company Gripsoft nail clippers, and wash its fur using waterless Bio-Grown Klean Kitty shampoo or Bramton Company Vets Best waterless cat bath. Choose from a variety of grooming supplies such as brushes, combs and skin care products, which includes Grannick's bitter apple roll-on for cats. With a Four Paws Curry Ultimate Touch brush for kittens, you can start the cat's grooming process at an early age.

      Protect your cat from illness and diseases caused by harmful insects when you use cat flea and tick supplies from Hartz, Farnam Companies and Natural Chemistry. Remove fleas and ticks during bath time with Bio-Groom flea and tick shampoo, and prevent fleas before they infest your kitten by using the Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick collar with its clean, fresh scent. Before allowing your pet to roam outdoors, use Natural Chemistry flea and tick spray.

      From automatic cat litter boxes to preventative flea and tick spray and shampoo, find the products you need for your pet. Shop Kmart online or at the store for a collection of affordable brand name cat and dog supplies.

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