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      Cat Furniture Scratchers from Kmart Keep Your Furniture Protected

      Give your cat a fun place to play while protecting your own furniture when you invest in cat furniture scratchers. Kmart offers a range of large cat furniture and smaller scratchers to help sharpen its claws and climb for hours. Shop for scratching boxes, boards, towers and condos, such as the Majestic Pet 34-inch Kitty Cat Perch with its two tiers and plush carpeted covering. Find everything you need for your cat from Kong Company natural incline scratchers to 78-inch cat furniture with cubby holes and towers.

      Watch your cat go crazy when you give it fun catnip supplies. Find catnip in the form of scratchers, treats and toys, such as Ethical Products toy skin forest creatures with catnip. With 8 In 1 Pet Products Kookamunga Krazee kitty catnip, fill toys or spread a little over the carpet for your cat to enjoy.

      With a cat training tool such as Four Paws Products repellant for cats and kittens, you can train your pet from scratching or spraying furniture or wall corners. Keep your cat from feasting on your houseplants when you invest in SmartyKat Sweet Greens grass kits. Create cat-free zones around your furniture or plants with a Mammoth Pet Products Mam Training X-Mat. Cats find its raised bumps uncomfortable and stay clear of the area. Relieve your cat's stress and stress-related urination and scratching with Farnam Companies Comfort Zone diffuser with its calming scent.

      When the cat ruins your furniture cushions beyond repair, shop from this collection of replacement cushions. Shop for floral, solid, striped and specialty cushions, such as the Today Avalon deep seat chair cushion from Jaclyn Smith. Standard chair and chaise lounge cushions are available, such as green Rustic Natural Cedar Patio lounge chair cushions. Choose from name brand cushions from Greendale Home Fashions, Garden Oasis and Country Living. Replace outdoor accent pillows with Garden Oasis Taylor printed pillows with their zebra prints and everBLOC water-repellant treatments.

      Choose from a variety of cat furniture scratchers and cat training tools to deter your pet from destroying your furniture. Shop Kmart online or at the store for more affordable cat supplies and replacement cushions for your home.

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