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      Keep your feathered friends happy and healthy with the bird supplies at Kmart

      Your pet birds keeps your spirits up with their cheery singing, so return the favor by taking good care of them. Whether you have a parrot, parakeet or other type of pet bird, you need to give them the right kind of food, the right size cage and the right cuttle bones and supplements to stay healthy. Here at Kmart you can find pet bird supplies from trusted brands like Audubon Park, Valley Splendor, Stokes Select and more to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy.

      Just as the most important of fish supplies is the fish bowl, the most important bird supply is a good cage or aviary for your birds to live in. If you have chickens, you'll need a high-quality pen, barn or coop to keep them safe and confined. After that, remember to furnish your birds' home with the perches and perch covers they need to rest comfortably. Aspen Pet Products and United Pet Group offer a good variety of these items.

      Of course bird food is a necessity as well. Your cockatiels don't eat seafood, so make sure they get the proper nutrition they need by selecting the right kind of seed. Brands like Hartz and Kaytee Pet Products offer bird seed for different types of birds, from canaries and finches to parrots to wild birds and more. Once you've got the food, put it in a dish or feeder from Lee's Aquarium and Pet Products so your birds can get to it easily.

      Finally, give your pet birds something fun to do with a selection of toys and teasers. The teasers from Prevue Pet Products come in fun designs like tropical tiki hut, chime time tornado and wacky woods; in a pinch, they could even serve as cat supplies if kitty runs out of toys. Another way to show your pet you care is with a pod from Pets International Ltd. They offer pods that hold treats and pods that contain simple games to keep your bird entertained, such as the forage frenzy pod and the puzzler pod.

      Whatever kind of birds you have, you'll find what you need to take care of them here. From bird cages and accessories to food and toys, we offer a wide variety of bird supplies at Kmart. Because we know your pets are more than just animals; they're part of the family.

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