Pay Your Bills Quickly and Securely at Kmart

      All Bills Paid for $1.50 or Less and Delivered by Next Day

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      When you pay your bills at Kmart, you'll enjoy these benefits:

      • Low Price
        All bills cost $1.50 or less to pay. Many have no fee
      • Fast payment delivery
        Bills paid at Kmart will be delivered to billers by the next business day
      • Multiple payment options
        Cash and PIN-based debit cards are accepted
      • Thousands of billers from which to choose
        Water, gas, electric, TV, phone, auto, internet, and more
      • Peace of mind
        Prevent service disruptions and late fees
      • Security
        Your bill payment is sent through CheckFreePay, America's leading walk-in payment service
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      • Types of bills accepted
      • Payment delivery time
      • Price
      • Payment methods accepted
      • How to pay bill
      • Where
      • Over 3,000 billers - electric, gas, water, utilities, cell phone, home phone, cable,
        satellite, TV, auto, insurance, credit cards, and more
      • For all bills, payment is delivered to your biller by the next business day
      • All bills are $1.50 or less. Some bills have no fee!
      • Cash and PIN-based debit
      • Just bring in your bill statement and visit the Customer Service Desk at your local Kmart
      • All domestic Kmart locations. Use the store finder to located the store closest to you