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      Outdoor Birdhouses from Kmart Invite Neighborhood Birds to Your Backyard

      From outdoor birdhouses to hummingbird feeders, invite local and migratory birds to your own backyard. Kmart provides a complete selection of birdhouses and feeders from Stovall, Droll Yankee and Perky-Pet. In addition, choose from Woodlink, Schrodt and Avant Garden wild birdfeeders and houses. Add a decorative wood birdhouse with a trellis to your front porch, and select the Stovall ultimate bluebird house with its universal entrance guard for squirrel protection.

      For your domesticated feathered friend, choose from this list of birdcage accessories. Choose from Aspen Pet Products, United Pet Group and JW Pet Company accessories, such as the JW Insight birdbath or perch cleaner. Select from an array of perches for your birds, such as the United Pet Group Edible split branch perch, which also helps to promote beak maintenance and trimmed nails.

      For wild birds, select from a variety of bird nesting materials from Pets International and United Pet Group. While these stick and bamboo nests work for wild birds, your pet birds also benefit from the natural shape of each nest. Attach the Nature's Nest Stick from Pets International to your finch's cage for a sturdy, natural material on which your birds can nest, sleep and breed. Moreover, United Pet Group nesting hair contains natural hair fibers, which are ideal for encouraging instinctive nesting behavior.

      Whether it's wild or domesticated birds, find plenty of bird food from Kaytee Pet Products, United Pet Group, Hartz and Scotts. Choose from a selection of canary, finch, cockatiel, parrot and wild bird food from loose seed to suet cakes. Kaytee Pet Products supreme parakeet food contains all-natural ingredients to keep birds healthy and energetic. Feed your Macaw Kaytee Fiesta Max, which includes various fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains for your pet. United Pet Group Ecotrition canary and finch food provides the essential vitamins and nutrients your pet needs from the various fruits, vegetables and seeds in each bag.

      Whether it's mating season or late winter, provide shelter for your local birds with outdoor birdhouses. Shop Kmart online or at the store for an even more affordable collection of quality birdhouses, cage accessories and bird food for wild birds and domestic pets.

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