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Turn up the heat and get cooking with charcoal barbecue grills from Kmart

Because there are many different types and sizes of charcoal grill, it's important to figure out what capabilities you need in a grill. Simple, affordable charcoal grills consist only of a coal box, grate and lid supported by legs. Simple doesn't mean low quality, however, as these economical grills are more than capable of expert-level grilling by a skilled user. After lighting the coals with lighter fluid and newspaper, charcoal grills deliver high, even heat that gas grills cannot match. The BBQ Pro 18" Kettle Charcoal Grill is a great beginner's grill. This grill combines tough construction and affordable price, while the wheeled undercarriage makes transporting to and from picnic sites a cinch.

A useful accessory for any charcoal grill is a probe thermometer. By allowing you to take a precise temperature reading form the center of a piece of meat, these devices take the guesswork out of grilling. Most come with a USDA-approved temperature guide for different types of meat, giving so you'll never again slice into an overdone pork chop or undercooked chicken leg. With a probe thermometer from Kmart, you'll nail that perfect medium-rare steak time after time.

Setting up a new charcoal grill is just half the battle. You'll also need a source of fuel to start turning out delicious grilled foods. Shop Kmart's charcoal selection to find the right fuel source for your cooking style. Kingsford briquettes light quickly and easily, making them the choice for those who value convenience. On the other hand, if you're looking to fuel a smoker for some slow-cooked barbecue, you'll also want to bring home some Ozark Mountain natural wood pellets for that natural smoky flavor.

Having the right grilling tools and utensils is a must to help you grill a perfect backyard meal. To start with, a dedicated long-handled grilling spatula is a must, because many kitchen spatulas are not designed to stand up to the high heat of the grill. Their handles also tend to be too short, which puts your hands too close to the heat. To flip chicken breasts and steaks, a pair of long-handled grilling tongs gives you precise control and prevents food from slipping between the grates. And when it's time to clean up after the party, you can run your grill brush over the grates while they're still warm for quick and easy cleanup.


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