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      Writing instruments make reading and writing fun

      From the time they're old enough to put a crayon to paper, kids love working with writing instruments. Writing, drawing and coloring are essential parts of learning, and your kiddo will appreciate having a variety of writing supplies to experiment with. Start your little ones out with crayons for coloring and forming their first letters; when they're a bit older, elementary schoolers practice penmanship with pencils and use erasers to correct their mistakes. Whether they're in school or making masterpieces with craft supplies at home, kids love being creative with bright colors and squishy erasers.

      Dot your i's and cross your t's with writing supplies

      When kids get older, they'll probably start taking tests with No. 2 pencils; you'll find these writing supplies as well as pencil sharpeners and cap erasers at Kmart. High schoolers may find reading textbooks more productive with the aid of a highlighter to remember important points. Stock up on correction tape or correction fluid for when they need to make small changes to a paper, as well as quality black and blue ink pens for everything from taking class notes to filling out college applications. You'll also want to purchase binders to help your son or daughter keep his or her school materials organized all year long.

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