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School Supplies

Take on the school day with confidence using versatile school supplies

When students load their backpacks with quality school supplies, they are prepared to tackle any challenge in the classroom. From solar calculators to crayons in every shade of the rainbow, these handy tools help young minds absorb classroom materials with ease. No matter what activities are scheduled in the daily planner, it's easier to prepare for any task with the proper supplies.

Basic school supplies, like notepads, pens and pencils, help students jot down information, so they can process the topics of the day. Calculators and rulers make math class more interactive. Measure angles with a clear protractor or solve for the variable with a high-tech graphing calculator. Try a few multicolored pens to color-code notes for the final exam. After a day of studying, it's time to break out the art supplies. Colored pencils and vibrant markers help students express their creativity.

Organization supplies can help make studying more efficient for older students. Neatly arrange notes for science class in a three-ring binder. Add a few plastic dividers to break down the material by topic. Keep writing supplies and highlighters in a durable pencil box and you'll never have to borrow a spare from your neighbor again. Tidy up a cluttered locker after a busy week with locker sets and shelves to make room for your textbooks and lunch box. Stay on top of school assignments and schedules with school supplies from Kmart.