Though kids are often required to cut and paste during school activities, you wouldn't just turn them loose with any old pair of scissors. Equip your little one' s school box with a pair of safety scissors made especially for him or her. Kmart's selection of scissors features both regular, grown-up-sized scissors and kid-friendly safety scissors that offer a blunt tip and blade cap to avoid accidents. Fill out your kid's collection of school supplies with everything from glue sticks and rulers to safety scissors from a selection of affordable, high-quality items.

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Whether they're cutting out pictures of their favorite princesses or shredding paper for a craft project, kids love using scissors. They also need to be protected around sharp objects, which means that regular adult scissors aren't appropriate for your little one's school supply box. Help your kids cut safely and successfully with kid-friendly safety scissors from Kmart. These scissors and other craft supplies will make them feel prepared and ready to conquer their first day.

Safety scissors let kids cut with comfort and protection

It can be intimidating to buy your child his or her first pair of scissors, but you won't have to worry about their safety when you give them a set of safety scissors from Kmart. Scissors for kids offer safety features such as blunt ends and blade caps, so you can let them feel independent working on crafts without help. Grown-up scissors, on the other hand, may feature stainless steel blades for smooth cutting action and can be helpful for older kids when cutting or applying adhesives to school projects such as poster board presentations. Stock up on all the supplies your kids need to have a fruitful year at school.


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