Rulers & Measuring Tools

      Every child's school supply box needs a few basic elements: notebooks and writing instruments, a pair of scissors, glue and a ruler. Make sure your kiddo is equipped for reading, writing and arithmetic with a ruler from Kmart. Find measuring tools featuring simple wood or plastic constructions and more complex measuring tools used for geometry, including protractors and compasses. For more involved projects, you'll find such tools as tape measures and triangular architects' scales. Whatever your son's or daughter's classes require, you'll find the right tools at the best prices.

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      Rulers are essential for arithmetic

      Along with addition and subtraction, kids attend math classes to learn about measuring, angles and shapes. Whatever your little one's grade in school, he or she is going to need a ruler to assist him or her in class. Choose from a wide variety of measuring tools, calculators and more from Kmart's collection of back-to-school and home office products. You'll find everything from basic rulers with inches and millimeters to curved protractors designed for geometry. Even young artists will appreciate the handiness of a ruler when attempting to draw straight lines or perfect circles during art class.

      Find measuring tools for your son's or daughter's math class

      Whether you're back-to-school shopping for your kid's classes or need to stock an at-home craft and supply cabinet, you'll discover everything you need for math and art at Kmart. Create a stable of supplies for after-school art projects and helping your child with his or her homework. Find art and craft supplies ranging from scissors and glue to rulers and compasses, so you'll have whatever you need for even the most daunting of projects. Don't wait until classes start to find measuring tools for your kiddo's needs.

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