Glue & Adhesives

      Your little one loves saying that "I'm rubber, and you're glue," but without a quality adhesive, his or her words won't stick. Make sure your kiddo's school supply kit contains glue for craft projects and other school-day needs by stocking up on adhesives from Kmart. Our selection of glue features name brands you trust in forms ranging from liquid glue to glue sticks to rubber cement. Help your little one succeed in kindergarten, elementary school or wherever he or she is headed this fall with high-quality school supplies from our collection.

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      Make school projects stick with glue

      Whether your kids love playing with glitter and sequins or cutting and pasting to their hearts' content, you're going to need a steady supply of glue for your craft cabinet and for their school bags. When you're shopping for craft supplies, stock up on glue and other adhesives for your kiddo's needs. Kmart carries a wide assortment of glue products, ranging from easy-to-use glue sticks to powerful rubber cement. Grown-ups will appreciate low prices on items such as super glue, which are a household essential when little ones accidentally break things.

      Adhesives keep your kiddo's artwork together

      From cutting out pictures from magazines to pasting breakfast cereal onto paper, kids love creating imaginative works of art. Make sure your little one's school supply box is stocked with all the essentials this fall, whether it's scissors and glue or crayons and paper. Older kids also need adhesives for school projects and presentations; keep glue sticks and poster putty on hand along with a few spare poster boards for their next big project. Stock up on the school and craft supplies your kiddos love at prices that won't break your budget from Kmart's collection of thousands of products.


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