Watering Accessories

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      Find Watering Accessories and More for Your Lawn and Garden

      Keep your plants happy and healthy when you invest in watering accessories for your garden. Kmart offers a variety of useful gear and accessories to help you manage your overall water usage and irrigation system. With the Cyber-Rain 8-Zone smart irrigation controller, you have less to worry about when it comes to watering your lawn and garden. The controller detects the weather and temperature and decides when and how much water to use.

      The OXO Outdoor Pour and Store watering can holds two gallons of water, allowing you to water all of your plants in one go. It also features a removable hose attachment that provides a gentle spray for finer plants. If you don't have time to manually water the plants, the Ray Padula Gentle Showers Ring Show sprinkler comes in handy. It mimics the effect of a light rain shower, watering your delicate flowers without damaging the leaves and petals.

      The sprinkler attaches easily to a standard garden hose, and its round design prevents the sprinkler from tipping over due to water pressure. Depending on the distance between your garden space and the tap, you may require a longer garden hose than usual. The Garden Elite 100-foot light-duty hose should let you reach almost any area in your yard. Gardena offers heavy-duty garden hoses for use with commercial sprayers and for tough jobs. Its radial design resists kinking, and the leak-proof tube ensures that you receive the maximum water pressure available.

      If you prefer to water the lawn and garden manually, then make sure to invest in a garden hose that offers the length you want. In addition, you require a sturdy nozzle that takes full advantage of the water pressure. The Ray Padula deluxe 7-piece nozzle watering set includes everything you need to water the lawn, garden and delicate flowerbeds. It even includes an extension nozzle for reaching hanging plants. Look for nozzles that consist of heavy-duty construction and built-in control dials. Ray Padula nozzles feature leak-free designs, so you never have to worry about getting wet as you water the garden.

      When you have the right watering accessories, you have full control over the health and vibrancy of your lawn and garden. Shop Kmart online for even more affordable and heavy-duty watering supplies and accessories this season.

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