Craftsman Nozzles & Hose Accessories

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      Find Nozzles and Hose Accessories for Your Lawn and Garden

      You want to water your lawn and garden without having to get wet in the process. At Kmart, you have access to a variety of nozzles and hose accessories for use with potted plants or larger gardens. A 50-foot Craftsman vinyl garden hose lets you reach almost any area in your yard, and the Ray Padula pistol hose nozzle lets you control the flow of water with its ergonomic handle.

      Much larger yards require longer garden hoses in order to reach the property line and other hard-to-reach areas. The Garden Elite 100-foot light-duty hose lets you attach almost any watering accessory with ease. Use the Craftsman soaker hose with the Craftsman Easy Clik nozzle to water your lawn or garden from afar. If you have hanging plants or potted plants along the ground, attach the Craftsman shower wand to reach your plants without the need to bend over or use a stepladder.

      If you plan to use fertilizer and other plant-growth products in your garden, you want to provide enough water so that the fertilizer reaches the roots. Failing to water your lawn and garden during drier weather may result in a lackluster appearance. Additionally, without the right amount of water, the fertilizer just sits in the soil. Water dissolves the fertilizer, helping it to absorb into the ground and feed the plants the nutrients that they need to grow strong and healthy. With Dr. Earth Life organic all-purpose fertilizer and a quality water nozzle, you can grow the beautiful lawn and garden you've always wanted.

      If you don't have time to water the lawn and garden, then rely on watering accessories to do the job. Attach the Galcon EZ tap timer to your irrigation system, and let it control when to water your plants. More advanced watering accessories are available, such as the Cyber-Rain XCI 8-Zone smart irrigation controller. It determines the amount of water to use based on the weather and temperature. With the Cyber-Rain irrigation controller, you save money while watering your lawn at the same time.

      From nozzles and hose accessories to automatic irrigation controllers, you have what you need to maintain your lawn and garden every season. Shop Kmart online or at the store for the most affordable selection of watering supplies and landscaping accessories.

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