Garden Hoses

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      Garden Hoses Keep Plants Well Hydrated

      Making sure that your garden gets enough water is essential for a good yield. Flowers also require a good soaking to stay lush and beautiful. When you browse the selection of garden hoses at Kmart, you'll find a variety of hoses for all of your watering needs.

      Craftsman hoses come in both plastic and vinyl varieties. With 50 feet of hose per reel, you get ample length to water any area. Choose from standard hoses that can be fitted with watering accessories, or try a "soaker hose" that uses a series of small holes to water plants right at the roots. Craftsman also offers nozzles and wands that let you direct water right where you want it. Use a shower wand to give your plants a gentle mist to supplement natural rain, or try an industrial nozzle when you need more power.

      Sturdy hoses from Flexon are available for a variety of uses. Ranging in length from 25 feet to 100 feet, these versatile tools bring water where you need it, when you need it. Light-duty garden hoses are good for weekend jobs, but for gardens that are more labor-intensive, you might prefer the durable all-weather or "Forever" garden hoses. Contractor-grade hoses deliver professional quality performance, which is perfect if you're putting together an extensive watering system. To make any watering job easier, try a three-tube sprinkler hose. With up to 40 feet of spray range, this unique hose design is ideal for spraying or soaking your garden when rain has been scarce.

      Ray Padula provides hoses in medium and heavy duty styles as well as "diamond" grade industrial hoses. No matter what kind of sprinkler system your garden needs, you'll find a hose that's up to the job. Lengths vary from 25 feet to 100 feet, allowing you to bring water to any part of the yard. If you prefer to use a low-profile hose to keep your garden moist, try the compact "flat pack" soaker hose design, suitable for use above or below the ground.

      From small flower beds to extensive gardens, all plants need water to thrive. Using garden hoses that are rugged and reliable ensures that your plants will get everything that they need to grow well. Shop Kmart for hoses and accessories to keep your garden hydrated even on the hottest days.

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