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      Tractor Attachments

      Keep Your Lawn And Garden Healthy And Looking Good With Tractor Attachments From Kmart

      Baggers, sweepers, aerators and spreaders help keep your lawn and garden maintained, nourished and looking good. Whether your yard is big or small, you can find some of the best brand names in lawn tractor attachments at Kmart.

      Bagger attachments from Craftsman, Snapper and Yard-Man eliminate the need for raking. Easily attached to your lawn tractor, baggers collect grass clippings and leaves. Two-bin and three-bin baggers allow you to remove a large amount of clippings for disposal or to use as mulch. Lawn sweepers can also be used to collect leaves, twigs and other yard debris.

      dethatcher is used to remove clumps of dead grass, called thatch, which accumulate beneath the surface of your lawn. Heavy-duty flexible tines pull up these matted clumps of grass. Once the clumps have been pulled to the surface, you can collect them with a lawn sweeper or bagger.

      Areas that don't receive a lot of rainfall can benefit from Agri-Fab aerators. When the soil is hard and compacted, water can get to the roots. Aerators work by poking holes into the soil or by removing a small piece of soil. Heavy weights bear down on sharp spikes that push into the ground. This lets water, fertilizer, new seeds and necessary nutrients soak into the soil. It gives moisture to the roots of the grass and plants.

      Craftsman spreaders can be used to spread fertilizer, grass seed or pesticides quickly and easily on your lawn or garden. A vinyl cover keeps all of the granules inside the large hopper so that there is less waste. Large tires keep the spreader stable as you pull it around your lawn or garden with your lawn tractor. Rust-resistant coated hardware gives many years of use.

      Keep your lawn and garden healthy with the proper equipment and tractor attachments from the trusted names of Craftsman, Snapper and Yard-Man. Go to Kmart for the best selection of tractor attachments to suit all of your lawn and garden needs.