Craftsman Tractor Bumpers

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      Tractor Bumpers Provide Attachment Areas and Shielding

      Bumpers come as standard attachments on some lawn tractors and as accessories to others. Kmart has a great selection of affordable lawn tractor bumpers and brush guards built for specific models and generic ones that fit most brands. They come with all of the necessary hardware for attachment and require just a few basic tools for assembly.

      Use front bumpers when you're working on property with high grass or unpredictable terrain. Front bumpers come in two main styles, as a double bar or single bar. The double bar works well as a base for plows and miscellaneous tractor attachments. Single bars provide front or wraparound protection for the tires and grille. Some models hang lower and also protect the muffler from damage by protruding objects. Most bumpers are offered in chrome or steel with a scratch-resistant coating to protect the bumper from abuse.

      Brush guard attachments are an alternative to simple bumpers and resemble a half cage with horizontal and vertical bars. They work best preventing branches and debris from penetrating the front of the tractor or breaking headlights. While not necessary for all jobs, brush guards extend higher than standard bumpers. They are ideal for overgrown land and storm damage. Consider adding enclosures and shades

      Debris that has been run over on the ground can go airborne and strike the exterior of your lawn tractor. This is very noticeable on terrain with mulch or rocks. It also happens in wintertime when using your tractor as a snow plow. Rear bumpers protect the back of your lawn tractor from dents and scratches made by these projectiles, which helps your equipment stay in top shape longer. Similar to the front bumper styles, rear bumpers also offer a solid surface for accessory attachments. For example, sprayers and spreaders are more effective attached to the rear instead of the front. Prefabricated holes in the rear bumper will match up correctly with some accessory attachment models. Choose a brand-specific bumper and attachment to ensure a proper fit without having to drill your own holes to install the parts. Another option is to attach accessories that clip on and don't require drilling holes.

      Accessories and attachments make tough jobs easier when you're working on special projects with lawn and garden equipment. Find your lawn tractor bumpers and brush guards at Kmart today.

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